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Barnby & North Cove Primary School

Defib Installed!

A massive united effort sees the defib installed!

Back in late 2019, teaching assistant Karen Sharman received a suggestion from Pupil Parliament member Lacie to fundraise for a defibrillator for our school and community to use.  Inquiries were made with the parish council and Jayne Biggs from Heart 2 Heart Norfolk.  Unfortunately, Covid and lockdowns delayed progress.  So, in May this year fundraising started with "The Great Barnby Bake Off", followed by sponsored events in July, which were chosen by each class.  The total amount needed was £1,400.  Incredibly, by the time the school broke up for the summer holidays a massive £2,515 had been raised, due to the wonderful generosity of pupils' families!  As soon as pupils returned to school in September, the defibrillator was ordered from Jayne - and it has now been installed.  The remaining funds were given to the school's PTFA to put towards new play equipment for the school.  The newly-elected Pupil Parliament enjoyed choosing pieces of equipment from a catalogue and then asked the rest of the children to choose their favourite.  Their findings were passed on to the PTFA to help with selection.  Mrs Sharman would like to thank Pupil Parliament members past and present for organising events, poster-making and sharing the campaign with other trust schools via online meetings.  In addition, she thanks Jayne Biggs from Heart 2 Heart Norfolk, and the PTFA, who have all been invaluable during this time.